The Glendale Chamber Board of Directors

​The Board of Directors is the policy body of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce. Its members represent a cross-section of the business and professional leadership in the community. It has always been considered an honor to serve on the Board. Genuine and unselfish interest in the Chamber and its objective is the first requirement for the Board members. The board performs the legislative function for the organization. That is, it makes all policy decision for the Chamber. Specifically the board shall:
  •  Set the overall policy for the Chamber
  • Identify and help establish goals of the Chamber through its approved program of work
  • Provide adequate funding through the annual budget to carry out the program of work
  • Ensure dues structure is in place to support the Chambers program of work
  • Elect officers in accordance with the by-laws of the Chamber
  • Recommend and approve changes to the by-laws
  • Meet as required by the by-laws
For more information on the Glendale Chamber Board of Directors, contact president & CEO Robert Heidt at 623-937-4754.

Executive Committee

Maria Brunner


Steve Adams 


Jeff Blake

Past Chairman

Robert W. Heidt, Jr.

President & CEO

Board of Directors

Victoria Coley

Wayne Lawson

Cooki Peverini

Scott Spillman

Judy Walter

Slava Ibragimov

Bobbi Magdaleno

Richard Sherry

Lynda Vescio

Ex-Officio Board Members

Kevin Phelps

Mayor Jerry Weiers

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