by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on September 18th, 2017

​By DARRELL JACKSON, Staff Writer 
The Glendale Star 

Councilmembers got an update on the revival of the Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival, a council item of special interest brought forth in March by Councilmember Jamie Aldama for possible council approval.
The event, which started in the 1980s, ran for 29 years before being eliminated in 2012 due to budget constraints. In the final year of production, it cost the city $158,000 and was a main item for discussion brought up at the Sept. 5 council workshop.

Four years after budget cuts forced the city to cancel it, the city council discussed at the Jan. 19 workshop the possibility of bringing back the festival in the near future.
Aldama originally requested in October 2015 that staff research the cost involved to bring the event back to life. The event was an award-winning festival that featured numerous national and local artists and food and crafts.

The event was held at Sahuaro Ranch Park for years, before moving to downtown Glendale, where it attracted thousands of fans every year.

“This is basically a follow-up to Councilmember Aldama’s original request on this item and we are looking for direction from council on the scope of what you want,” Director of Public Facilities, Recreation and Special Events Eric Strunk said. “Staff is looking to develop a business plan and bring back in January a final plan on who, what, when and where for this request.”

The event once was a two-day event held on two stages; one exclusively for jazz and one for blues, and averaged 21 bands, with four being national acts. Councilmember Bart Turner requested the possibility of two smaller events, one for jazz and one for blues, but council was not in favor of that suggestion.

“It used to be such a large event and former city staff said, and I agree, that we should start with a smaller, maybe community event, with high school bands and local jazz bands,” Aldama said. “I am asking for city staff to go out, research this and gain sponsorships, so the city can gain from permit fees and recoup any costs. I just would like to see the return for the 30th anniversary event when it restarts.”

Because the event cost the city $158,000 during its final year, councilmembers were looking for ways to offset costs with a  possible sponsorship.

“I am all for the return of this event and can support it under one condition, that I don’t think the city should run this event,” Mayor Jerry Weiers said. “We should look at someone to hire to run it, or get sponsors, so it doesn’t cost the city.”

Weiers said, “I would love to see an outside business, or entity, to run this with city staff, to create a quality event that could bring in 40,000 people to downtown.”

​Some of the performers showcased at the festival in the past were the Kenny Garrett Quartet, Bernard Allison Group, Marcia Bell, and Carmen Lundy.

Staff said one of the benefits of the events was that it extended the festival season into April and merchants have requested the return of the festival and the possible increase in traffic to the downtown area.

“I have talked to (Chamber of Commerce President Robert Heidt) and he said he ran a jazz festival back east and it was successful,” said Sahuaro District Councilmember Ray Malnar. “Maybe we should look at the chamber being part of this with the new downtown manager and, if they are up to it, city staff should involve the chamber in the discussion and if it fits their organizational operations, they could assist.”

Councilmembers gave staff consensus to move forward and are expecting an update in November on the progress and future funding for the return of the event.

Strunk said the process would be broken up into three phases, with the first phase to identify the possible concepts for the new festival and phase two establishing a formal business plan that will be brought back to council for review in late November or early December.

Final vote could be in January or February.

by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on September 18th, 2017

The Glendale Star 

Councilmember Jamie Aldama joins two of his colleagues on city council, Barrel District Councilmember Bart Turner and Cholla District Councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff, as he announces his bid for re-election to represent the Ocotillo Council District. He made his announcement Sept. 8, during the Glendale Chamber of Commerce First Friday breakfast event held at the Cuff restaurant.

He told chamber members he would concentrate his efforts on downtown, “make it a priority.”
Aldama said when he announced he was going to run for the office in 2014, he had friends asking him why he would want to do that. He said at the time, the city was in terrible shape. But, he said he wants to continue with his efforts to make Glendale the place to work, play and live.

He praised the council and city staff for all the things they do in Glendale, and he wanted to “get back to doing some heavy lifting.”

During his time on council, Aldama has pressed for more funding to help businesses and residents in his district. He gave a tour of the Ocotillo district in 2016, pointing out different areas that need more attention in the way of aesthetics, especially city-owned rights-of-way.
“One of my goals since being on council is O’Neil Park,” he said. “So, we put in funding for O’Neil. My goal is to have full attention to O’Neil Park to the liking of the community.
“I want to continue to be resourceful and responsive to our residents and make sure they have access to our council and staff.

“One thing, while the city had a lot of work to do last the three years, ahead, we have organizations in our city, Cardinals and Coyotes, I would like to see us create partnerships that benefit our youth and elderly and the entire city.

“My first campaign, I said many times, if I made it, I would help our council re-image what Glendale was into what it is today - a thriving, leading organization.”
Aldama said there was still a lot of work to do, and he wants council to continue working on the budget to keep it financially stable and inclusive. “Not get back to where we were four years ago,” he said, “but I think, collectively, we can do it.”

by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on September 11th, 2017

​By DARRELL JACKSON, Staff Writer 
The Glendale Star 

Barrel District Councilmember Bart Turner officially announced his intention to seek re-election during a Lunch Mob event hosted Aug. 25 by the Glendale Chamber of Commerce at Cheba Hut, 59th and Olive avenues.

Citing both the city’s considerable accomplishments and numerous quality of life issues he would like to focus on for citizens, Turner made his announcement in front of a crowded restaurant.

“Three year ago when I first ran, I wanted to help get the city back to financial stability, stop subsidizing sports teams and quit fighting the casino and we have done that,” Turner said. “We are on a roll and headed in the right direction and there is more to be done and that is why I am running again.”

Now, Turner said he wants to focus on more issues that citizens are requesting.

“Now I want to look to more qualify of life issues like restoring library hours and continue improving our local roads, along with more quality-of-life issues, and I am in for another four years and looking forward to working for the citizens,” Turner added.

Turner was elected to represent the Barrel District in 2014. The next general election is Nov. 6, 2018.

The Barrel representative is the second sitting Glendale councilmember to announce their candidacy for office at a chamber event. Cholla District councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff announced her plans to seek re-election earlier in August.

by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on September 11th, 2017

The Glendale Star 

After lengthy discussion and a local resident’s request to have an American flag permanently placed atop Thunderbird Conservation Park, council is closer to approving the request.

Council heard an update during the Aug. 15 workshop and directed staff to research an ordinance that would allow the existing flagpole to remain at Arrowhead Park.

Mayor Jerry Weiers has pushed for a permanent flagpole on top of Arrowhead Point for more than a year and after conversations with members of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce’s Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, has been spearheading the effort.

“They have already committed to raising the needed money and will raise every penny and partner in placing the flagpole,” Weiers said.

About 25 to 50 military veterans, wearing red shirts and hats, and supporters carrying hand-held American flags, attended the meeting. Those residents were present at the workshop to listen to the proposal, with most leaving once the flagpole discussion was completed; they seemed in favor of the flagpole.

According to Weiers, hundreds of citizens in the area of the park have signed a petition in favor of a flag on Arrowhead Point and are in favor of a permanent flag.

“I see it as a great way to honor service members who have fought for this country,” said Walter Smolden, who attended the workshop dressed in a Navy hat. “I served in the Navy and would be honored to have our flag, which I fought to protect, placed at this location.”

Other people in attendance even said they would volunteer to maintain the pole if council approves it installation.

“I would be honored to go up once a week to maintain the pole and remove any trash,” said Peoria’s Robert Rodriguez, who also was in attendance. “I just think it is a nice way to honor those who have served and would be nice to see a flag flying over the city from the park.”

Weiers said the proposal to put a lighted flagpole in the parking lot was not popular with the interested groups, but they will not oppose it if the peak option was not feasible.

“The message to me was clear,” Weiers said. “They don’t want it in the parking lot. They want it on top of the hill, so it is viewable.”

Councilmembers were in favor of the flagpole, but questioned the size of the pole and believe the current one is acceptable.

“It’s a conservation park,” said Cholla District Councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff. “I like it the way it is. People who use the park like it the way it is. Many people love to climb up to the top of the rock and get their pictures taken with the flag, which would be impossible with a pole as tall as a two-story house.”

Council gave staff consensus to move forward and bring an ordinance back to a future meeting for approval.

by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on September 11th, 2017

By: John Genovese, abc15

GLENDALE, AZ - Glendale is working to add a modern twist to an area that dates back to the 1800s. 

"Downtown has the full attention of the council and the staff," said Council Jamie Aldama, who is helping lead the effort. 

Last month, the Chamber of Commerce hired a Downtown Manager to work as a liaison between business owners and the city. An entertainment district was established earlier this year, allowing bars and liquor stores to open on a case-by-case basis near churches and schools -- and construction is underway to make a second alleyway more pedestrian friendly, with brick walkways, benches and lighting. 

"What we were looking for is a nightlife," Aldama said, who added those efforts are already paying off with new restaurants opening in the area. 

"I'm hoping that it's just going to explode," said Lisa Dowd, owner of A Shot of Java coffee shop. Dowd believes to lure in the next generation of shoppers and visitors the downtown area needs more diversity.

"We need different businesses -- not a lot of the same businesses," she said. 

A challenge has been getting past the "nine to five" mentality, she said. 

by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on August 30th, 2017

​The Glendale Star

Glendale Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Robert Heidt was beyond pleased Thursday evening. His organization was the host chamber for the West Valley Biz2Biz Expo, which was a sellout. Co-hosted by six West Valley chambers of
commerce, the crowd arrived way before the 4 o’clock opening. And they came from all parts of the Valley.  There was plenty of food, and visitors were taking advantage of raffles and turning wheels to win tickets to one venue or another.

by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on August 23rd, 2017

By: CreditDonkey

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The Glendale Chamber of Commerce was mentioned:

Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Great home values, a burgeoning city, lovely weather while the rest of the country is covered in snow, and endless swimming pools in the summer. Glendale is one of the fastest-growing communities in the world and is supported in its economic growth by its forward-thinking council. Retirees, students, great work-life balance in the Southwest.

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by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on August 3rd, 2017


GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -Downtown Glendale is enjoying a resurgence as businesses, residents and visitors rediscover the charm of city's core.

Glendale Chamber President Robert Heidt tells us the city has worked hard to retain its historic charm while also bringing in new businesses, restaurants and attractions.

One of the most exciting additions is the Brelby Theatre in the Catlin Court Historic District. 
Former Northern Arizona University theater majors Brian Maticic and Shelby Maticic have created a place for shows or meetings and a place the arts can call home in the West Valley. The Brelby is located at 7154 N. 58th Drive.

When it comes to eats, Desert Rose Steakhouse is a must to see and taste. It is housed in a former Welding Company building that was built in the early 1900s, and some say it is the oldest business in one location. Owners Teresa Outzen and her husband, Pete Gliniak, bought it and brought it to life with a cool vibe. The Desert Rose is located at 6729 N. 57th Drive.  For more information, call 623-937-3004.

And Cuff Restaurant combines the best of theater and dining. Owner David Chang, currently operates CUFF and Off The Cuff Theater, both which were renovations of historic downtown properties. He is currently in the process of renovating the adjacent historic building to welcome additional new tenants to downtown. The Cuff is at 5819 W. Glendale Ave.  Call 623-847-8890 for more.

by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on August 3rd, 2017

By The Glendale Star

Vice Mayor Ian Hugh raises the hand of Cholla District Councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff in response to her re-election announcement July 28 at the Rogue Tomato restaurant. Tolmachoff officially announced her intention to seek re-election during a Lunch Mob event hosted by the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

Citing both the city’s considerable accomplishments and remaining challenges, Tolmachoff said there was still much work to be done and she plans to see it through in her next term.
Tolmachoff was elected to represent the north Glendale district in 2014. The next general election is Nov. 6, 2018. The Cholla representative is the second sitting Glendale councilmember to announce their candidacy for office at a chamber event.

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of almost 1,200 business enterprises, civic organizations, educational institutions, and individuals. Its mission is to provide leadership that facilitates the creation of a prosperous regional economy and effective advocacy for its members.

For more information, visit, or call 623-937-4754.

by Glendale Chamber of Commerce on July 28th, 2017

Arizona Business Daily Reports | Jul 26, 2017

​The Glendale Chamber of Commerce will host its Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Roundtable at 1 p.m. Thursday during which business owners can discuss federal oversight challenges they are facing.

This roundtable allows local entrepreneurs to speak with people from the U.S. Small Business Administration and local representatives of the SBA’s Regulatory Fairness Board, according to a press release. Attendees will be able to talk to the SBA’s national ombudsman and learn about ways that the ombudsman’s office can help small businesses save time and costs related to compliance and enforcement matters.

The SBA appoints 10 regional Regulatory Fairness boards across the nation; each board consists of five volunteer small business owners who serve as liaisons between the national and local levels.

The Glendale Chamber is at 5800 W. Glenn Drive, Suite 275. 
Attendees are asked to preregister.